The most ought change!

Who doesn’t appreciate a change for good. But when life starts to suck a change is very much appreciated. Life of the college girl from her view is all what this post is about. Have you ever imagined a hostel life ? Especially if the hostel is within the college campus. Staying in the college hostel for 7 good years wasn’t a joke for me. In the beginning everything was good. A new home, a new place and all new people around you and a good inmate who was daughter of the warden. It felt good. But things started to change. The food that the hostel provided wasn’t what you liked and if you wouldn’t devour those edibles you were shouted at and made fun of. I still remember the day when I was very sick and how I was denied rice saying they haven’t cooked rice that day  when I asked for it and was provided lavishly to my inmate. Cried a lot that day. But being a bit forgetful I would get on with that and yeah the inmate was good. But not soon enough that the inmate started to suck as well. She would depend on me for each and everything as if it was my duty to take care of my 2yr elder inmate. We had small arguments but the hostel authorities never new about it because I was adjusting, so was I taught from my childhood at my home, which I feel is absolutely wrong. Adjusting is needed but that should not be only a one side act. As time passed on my inmate bought two very cute little cats for which I had given her the money. It was my mistake I shouldn’t have given her the money (cats were allowed to be kept as pet). Though she bought them I had to take care of the cats, feed them and take care of them even if I fell sick or got bedridden. My inmate was such a lazy pig … she wouldn’t move a bit to help me. Being an animal lover I couldn’t leave those little kittens. The hostel authorities would shout at me for not looking after the kittens although I would do my best. Everybody at the hostel loved the kittens. When once a year we got vacation for a month I would take the kittens with me home. Oh! how I miss my family and friends. Even though my inmate bought them they are mine … I paid the money. I am their rightful owner. I have looked after them more than her. Yes I agree that the hostel authorities helped me take care of them. They looked after my kittens when I went to college, fed them, cared for them all because they thought that the kittens were my inmate’s pet. I still remember a day when the warden shouted at me while feeding one of the kitten’s saying “it would be better to give the kitten just plain water rather than feeding it with that poison (milk that I had brought from my home)”. What would be more heartbreaking than hearing those words. And from that day I never fed them anything from my home. But now I really think I made a huge mistake. I shouldn’t have considered  their bad thoughts but moved on . I hate the warden and her assistant so much . Yes ! I still do even after these long years. But I kept my rites and values taught to me and didn’t utter a word. But used to cry a lot. and then the next academic year started. New staff, new friends and things started to feel a lot better. I would share my feelings with my friends and that would help me feel better. No freedom of speech, no appreciation even if you worked hard at the hostel for its betterment in sense of cleanliness or décor. Your thoughts are never considered, your opinions never mattered, your hard work never counted and you are named a no one and only sought for when they need help or in other terms a free of cost labor. They only time I rejoiced in these 7 years were the only time we got vacation and had the chance to go home! But this year it’s different. I got to move from my old hostel all because of my moody inmate thanks to her! Now at this small little place that I rented I could talk to my family on a daily basis which I was restricted at my previous hostel. And the best part I have started to work and get to see my kittens everyday though my previous inmate take them to the hostel. But often leaves them with me. Now life is a bit tough as I have to look after everything but then there is peace all around and it’s my life my way. I can be me here. I don’t have to act good to live on. I really wish that someone would teach them a good lesson and they would understand me sometime of their life. I really wish so!! … I heard that a new has come to stay with my hostel inmate now and really hope that she is not like me but very bold and act smart!! I wish her the best 🙂 …. Life moves on 🙂 …

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The Old Shoe

It was today morning that I noticed something funny. It is a person I know who is using the same old shoe for the past two years and complaining about its wear and teared look! And my question to him was “How come you are expecting that shoe to serve you the same way you bought it when you never bothered to lessen its load by reducing your ever increasing body weight that needs to be controlled very soon?!”.

I really don’t understand why people never take care of themselves. Despite of caring or advising, some people never change! To hell with such people ‘cos I have seen many such people. And hence I finally understood that ‘nobody can influence you ever, unless and, until you decide to get influenced!’

Some people who are really willing to get fit can’t do it due to the life’s barriers. I know many of them (especially women) who take care of others but have left themselves behind on the journey. I don’t like it much when I hear or read the quotes that says “You are beautiful the way you are!” Yes! I agree to it if it is highlighting your inner self but otherwise if the whole point is about the way you look outside then I would like to ask “Are you happy the way you are or could you be even better?”

Of course almost everything is possible in life and looking much better than you are now is one of them. All you need is determination. It is you who can support you and no one else. Yeah! others can influence and support you but that is for a limited time only. But if you plan to change your mind set up then it’s for life, nobody can stop you being you!

I suggest you take baby steps towards a healthier you. Slow and steady is the key. Do not stop, do not look back.

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The New Blogger

Being the newest blogger in town, I am right now wondering as to what should be my first blog… So let’s begin by how I was until my early twenties. I was born a Leo and really don’t remember much from my childhood… blame it on my bad memory… but it was pretty cool… I do remember some of the fun times I had back then.. I was a very active child who loved food … and yeah! that indeed reflected on my body… I was called “fatty” back during my school days and during my college days… 😦 … And I really felt bad when I was being called so… well who doesn’t..?!… No workouts but just the eating part and the studying part… That’s it… that was my life back then… Until one day I decided to be pretty… but I wonder why it took me like 23 yrs of my life to think so!!… Well who has been through this..?… Share your thoughts .. 🙂 !